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Indigenous Partners

Rio Negro in Brazil: More than 20 years of partnership

Foto: Klimabündnis Österreich

The Climate Alliance, together with its communities, supports educational establishments and businesses of the indigenous people at Rio Negro in Brazil with the preservation of the rainforest.

Based on the common concern about the preservation of the rainforests and the protection of the world climate, the Climate Alliance had entered into an alliance with the FOIRN (Federation of the Indigenous People of Rio Negro) as early as the 90s.

The central elements of the partnership are:

  • Land and Resource Protection
  • Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights
  • Food Security
  • Resource Management
  • Political Codetermination

The achievements of the partnership:

  • Recognition/Validation/Acceptance of the indigenous area of settlement of 13,5 million hectare -Today, the FOIRN comprises the strongest represent atives of Indian people and their interests in the Amazon
  • Successful cultivation of fish and forest
  • Development of an education model for the indigenous through the introduction of intercultural, multilingual schools in 81 villages.
  • Marketing of cultural products (baskets, benches, pepper)
  • Growing participation of indigenous women in political and economic activity
  • Election of the first indigenous mayor
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