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Climate Alliance Austria

The Climate Alliance is the largest climate protection network in Austria

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The Climate Alliance is the largest climate protection network in Austria. Communities, schools, and businesses build a partnership with indigenous organizations in the Amazon.

The Climate Alliance was founded in 1990 at Frankfurt am Main among representatives from twelve municipalities (from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland), delegates from six indigenous organizations, and fifteen additional organizations (universities, NGOs, etc.). Parallel to the structure of the European Secretariat, the Climate Alliance in Frankfurt am Main originated in more countries on regional and national level coordination offices respectively. The Climate Alliance is now active in 27 European countries.

Climate Alliance Austria

Climate Alliance Austria comprises seven regional offices and attends to cities, municipalities, schools, nursery schools and enterprises across the country. The main focus lies on information and awareness raising projects and acitivities to promote knowledge on climate issues and sustainable development and hereby generating puclic and stakeholder support regarding climate protection, equality and mitigation.

The organization´s working methods are characterized by target-group specific communication, stakeholder-engagement, education and dissemination of best practice on a local, regional and national level.

Our goals:

  • Reduction of climate-damaging emissions
  • Protection of the rainforest

Our members:

  • Enterprises: 1.300
  • Cities/municipalities: 1.000
  • Educational establishments: 650

Our regional & national acitivties:

  • Events like the "European Mobility Week"
  • Exhibitions and workshops
  • Lectures, seminars, conferences
  • Campaigns for climate protection
  • Competitions and school projects
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